AFV Partners

We champion innovative technologies, mission critical software and disruptive marketplaces that have a net positive impact on the environment

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Founded by serial technology entrepreneur and sustainable investor Tony Aquila, and anchored by some of the world’s largest and most experienced investors, AFV Partners LLC (“AFV”) is a sustainable capital vehicle, that invests globally in founder and “re-founder” led mission critical software, data and disruptive marketplaces that contribute to a net positive impact on the environment.

We invest and work alongside entrepreneurs and management teams that are focused on bringing technologies to the world that improve our environment, data transparency and operational excellence.

Tony Aquila Canoo MPDV

Identify global macro and deregulatory trends that create new industries, high-paying jobs, more tax revenue and that are accretive, sustainable and have a net positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Mission

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Long-, Medium, Short-Term value creation by investing across the capital spectrum

Technology, IP and sustainability at core of investment thesis

Seek out asets to profit from the identified trends and buy-in buy-up to buy0out with a low beta approach

Focused on founder and re-founder led companies to retain the "Do-It-Different" mindset post investment


Our key verticals for innovation and growth

Cybersecurity & Identity
Select Mobility Technologies
Aviation Data & Technology
Sports Information & Digitization

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Tony Aquila

Tony is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of AFV Partners. He is also an inventor with 100+ patents, a serial entrepreneur, a proven permanent capital investor and dealmaker with 70+ transactions over $15 billion in cumulated value.


Investing in innovation is about creating problems worth solving and then solving them before those who need it, even KNOW IT, WANT IT, or FUND IT…

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